Payroll Management​

1. Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

You have a local entity and employees in a given country but without HR/Finance department or your Head Office does not wish to manage this activity remotely. GenTa International offers you to outsource this service, allowing you to focus on your operations.

Our team can manage one or more steps of your employees’ payroll depending on your needs and tasks you are looking to outsource:

  • Payroll Report: By managing your employees lifecyle on our HR platform (timesheets, annual leaves, sick leaves, etc.), we provide you with full report on salaries’ amount to be transferred to your employees each month
  • Salaries’ Payment: Allowing our Finance Department to access your online banking from your local bank, we will monthly proceed to salaries’ payments on the agreed payroll date and based on information from our payroll reports.
  • Payslips Service: Following payroll, we can provide your employees with monthly payslips automatically generated by our HR platform.

2. Allowing Your Consultants To Work Anywhere At Anytime

In some cases, you may need to send collaborators (rarely your permanent employees) for short or mid-term assignments in a country and, those missions may not require obtaining a resident visa to operate (invitation from the end customer, visit visa is sufficient).

Facing the impossibility / unwillingness for your company and your collaborators to contract the employment from the country of your set-up, outsourcing the payroll management is the flexible solution needed.

GenTa International through its “One-Stop Shop” in Dubai will:

  • Issue an international employment contract allowing your consultants to beneficiate from a working contract corresponding to their mission,
  • We will fully manage their payroll. For this kind of projects, we are able to support our clients anywhere they need.