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The GenTa Group (« Génération Talents ») is a French group specializing  in international mobility with two main service offerings for businesses, namely :

(i)Employer of Record services meaning the opportunity for a company to outsource the full administrative employment of its human resources in a country where it has no legal entity; either by expatriating its own employees, or by recruiting new employees in Africa, Middle-East and Levant.

(ii)Inbound mobility in France meaning the sourcing and the employment of a workforce from abroad to France for jobs in manpower shortages.

The management team of the GenTa group has specialized in legal, accounting, tax and HR support for many groups in their internationalization since 2009. Regarding the Emlpoyer of Record services, the group has developed its activities under the brand “STEERING RESOURCES” until the end of 2022

With the new offering in Inbound mobility that led to the creation of the GenTa group (headquartered in France) “STEERING RESOURCES” became “GENTA INTERNATIONAL”. While maintaining its main EoR services sactivity; GenTa International, through its subsidiaries in French-speaking countries in Africa and the Levant, is now also in charge of identifying Talents, candidates for inbound mobiity in France.

About GenTa International

GenTa International is a Manpower Outsourcing Services company with HQ in Dubai and operating in Africa, Middle East & Levant.

At GenTa Internationak, we manage your human capital with fast and flexible solutions. Our solutions allow our clients to fully focus on operations while we manage the HR lifecycle of their collaborators deployed internationally.

By providing you with the highest level of service possible, GenTa International is set to become your preferred partner in the region:

  • No matter where they need to deploy their collaborators, we offer our clients a “one-stop-shop“, at our Dubai HQ, with dedicated points of contact in their working language.
  • Our operating licenses are supervised and controlled by the competent administrations. Our activities are regulated by local authorities and comply with the rules applicable in labor law.
  • We operate under high-quality standards as we are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified and our HR platform used to record your collaborators’ data is GDPR compliant.