GenTa International facilitates your international growth

We manage your human capital with fast and flexible solutions. Our solutions allow our clients to focus on their operations while we take care of managing the HR lifecycle of their employees.

Employer of Record services

Having employees in a country without a legal entity

GenTa International offers you the option to entrust the employment of your foreign employees to us.

With our presence in Africa, the Middle East, and the Levant, and through our activity licenses (temporary employment), GenTa International can legally handle the administrative employment of our clients’ employees. We provide flexible and fast solutions to enable you to operate in a country and develop your activities and export growth without constraints.

Portage salarial
Externalisation fonctions rh
Outsourcing HR functions

Allow your consultants to work anywhere, anytime

In some cases, you may need to send consultants (rarely your permanent employees) on short or medium-term assignments to a foreign country, and these assignments may not require obtaining a resident visa to operate (an invitation from the end client, a visitor visa is sufficient).

In the face of your company’s inability or reluctance, as well as that of your employees, to establish employment in the country of your establishment, outsourcing HR functions is the necessary flexible solution.


Solutions HR dedicated to United Arab Emirates

For companies already established in the UAE, outsourcing certain support functions has many advantages. GenTa International, from its headquarters in Dubai, offers you HR function management. We can also provide you with the benefit of our network of partners in the UAE if you also wish to outsource the accounting and legal functions.

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